All Things Wood: Jazz Up Your Kitchens With This Brand's Charming Woodenware

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Desi Karigar

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether you're building a home kitchen from scratch or revamping an existing one, it's essential that the kitchen tools you purchase serve a purpose and don't just eat up space unnecessarily. And what's better than to have kitchenware made entirely out of wood? Headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, Desi Karigar is a brand that has an entire range of woodenware spread across the categories of kitchenware, decor, toys and accessories. 

These folks have a wide collection of wooden kitchen tools which has products ranging from ladles, spoons, skimmers, mortar and pestle, serving trays, platters and so much more. If you've spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen as a head chef (or a sous-chef even), you'd know the roles different kinds of ladles and spoons play. Flat, sieve, scoop and more - be sure to find each kind at Desi Karigar. 

The serving trays, chopping boards, platters, (there's a dry fruits platter in a leaf shape we loved and also a carved wooden tray) and bowls are available in various interesting shapes and sizes apart from the regular flat and oval ones. When we say interesting we mean, heart, fish, guitar, apple, pear and what seems like cat ears shaped wooden boards. Fun, don't you think? Some of the bowl and tray sets at Desi Karigar even have intrinsic designs and patterns, if you favour those over the simpler ones. 

Price: INR 599 upwards


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