Did Someone Say Faux Leather Earrings? Take My Money Already!

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I'm sure you've heard of Falling in love at first sight? Well, that's what happened with me when I saw the 'Lacey hoops' for the first time on Small Treasures' instagram handle.

I'm a sucker for hoops of all kinds but this one has to be my current favourite as it's a statement piece that's weightless! It amps up any outfit that you wear so effortlessly and is absolutely handmade with love.

I also got myself a pair of the 'sailor's knot studs,' another cute one which again is super light and easy to pair with outfits. And it didn't cost me a fortune either

Small treasures are Revathy's outlet for her creative itch where she creates unique leather-based jewellery by hand. The design collections are built around specific themes through which she looks to connect to the wearer's sensibilities, often through symbolism.  The perfect mix of art and wearability. She's currently doing some cool pendants based on sun signs if you'd like one.

Everything falls in the price range of 400 to 800 bucks btw, Thank me later, for now, go support an awesome women entrepreneur and her small business.


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