Soya Chaap And Prawn? Eat 13 Different Kinds Of Biryani At This Restaurant

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For all you biryani lovers out there, Biryani Queen serves 13 different types of Biryani, and does home delivery too.

The Real Biryani Queens

If there’s one dish everyone enjoys, it’s a plate of good biryani. The quality of biryani at this restaurant speaks for itself. While biryani and kebabs are an iconic duo in themselves, Biryani Queen does a variety of interesting flavours to take things up a notch. They do kathal biryani, spicy soya chaap biryani, and even fish and prawn biryani! Apart from biryani, their kebabs are delicious, especially their Shakarkhandi {sweet potato} and tandoori prawns. They also do home delivery to every sector in Gurgaon {we know what an issue that can be sometimes}, so you can enjoy their delicious biryani from the comfort of your own house.

Their biryanis start at INR 550 and kebabs at INR 150. Their portions are pretty generous, so if you’re planning a small dinner or a house party, you should definitely order from here. We recommend you try out their mutton keema biryani and their stuffed tangdi kebab.


So We're Saying...

If you’re looking for some good comfort food, biryani is the answer. Try out the stuff at Biryani Queen, you won’t be disappointed.


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