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6 Reasons Why Dilli Haat Janakpuri Is Totally Worth A Visit

Rene posted on 14th October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Staying in West Delhi but kinda bored of doing the same old things?

We come bearing good news. Dilli Haat in Janakpuri has beautiful planters, amazing kulfis and kids activities, so you can spend a minute too many at the stalls. Yes, we did miss the INA version, but we figure that we were just happy to find a place that was not a mall; team mela all the way!

Here’s everything that’s going to make us go back again…

Air-Conditioned Food Court

While it’s amazing to stroll around the green spaces holding a slice of pizza, we need an aircon on our head for most part of the year. Dilli Haat has been considerate enough to offer us a covered food court that has lots of tikkas, Punjabi grub and kulfis that also come in masala jamuntype flavours.

All so you can cool off after heavy-duty shopping.

Gujarati Bags At INR 150

Jholas with sparkly mirrors, embroidery and patchwork hang invitingly from stall no. 96, and the good man sells everything at flat INR 150.

The stone wall is full of bags of every shape, size and handiwork; there’s also a collection of beautiful traditional stools that caught our attention {INR 500}.

Lamps & Home Décor From Stall No. 12

This was undoubtedly the most beautifully done up stall—a piece of Good Earth in sometimes-kitschy Dilli Haat. From hanging lamps to a neon garden umbrella, fairy lights in glass jars and rolled up bed covers, the kiosk screams cosy like none other.

We were also jumping with joy to find that these knick knacks were perfect for our house parties, and not crazily unaffordable, either.

Rides For The Kids

What do you do if you gotta babysit your nephew or have children accompanying you? Here, there are rides and a full-fledged adventure zone where they can climb bridges, tyres or ladders, pretend to be Mowglis {no, really}, or even test their muscle against a commando net.

Well, at least you won’t have to deal with tantrums between trying to decide which kurta to buy.

Sunaina’s Kurtas And Khadi Dupattas

There’s no dearth of kurtas, phulkari dupattas or block printed long skirts at Dilli Haat, but stall no. 96 gets our vote for the most striking designs.

Sunaina isn’t a permanent here, so if you dig her designs {she has her own boutique}, give her a call on +91 8860612899. We liked her hand-painted khadi dupattas and those with mirrors—almost perfect for small Diwali scenes.

Colourful Clay Pots For Our Garden

There’s little that rivals the raw beauty of stuff that’s fresh off the potter’s wheel and is lovingly painted in vibrant hues. We found plenty of deity sculptures, lawn knick knacks, vases, planters and diyas at this space right outside the food court, all nicely huddled under a robust tree.

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Dilli Haat Janakpuri

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