These Eateries Deliver Excellent North & South Indian Fare At Your Doorstep

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What Makes It Awesome

Firstly, apologies for the screenshot-ed image. I usually house down my order from Dilli and/or Amma Haus, leaving no window for an insta or LBB friendly picture. Yes, the food is that good.

I highly recommend them for their quick delivery of North and South Indian food. The food itself is excellent- not greasy, well packaged, and really well made. From Dilli Haus {,?utm_source=LBB&ref=lbbpost I usually order any of their dals, olive oil chicken tikka or paneer tikka {which comes in three iterations, including one with a dynamite achar marination} and multigrain naan.

From Amma's Haus, I stick to their classic idli which comes with a bunch of chutneys and the best home-delivered sambar I have had. However, the best dish hands down is their Naidu Spinach Dal. Decadent, but delicious, this dal has become a staple weekly order for me.

Run by the same group/person behind Sushi Haus, both Dilli and Amma are one of the few reasons I trade home-made lunch for an out-of-home meal.

You can order via Zomato, Swiggy or directly through their website.

What Could Be Better?

The health factor behind choosing a multigrain naan is often lost courtesy the amount of butter they slather it with :P
They are slightly more expensive than other Indian food options available on Swiggy but are the only ones that haven't destroyed my stomach :) {TMI?}

How Much Did It Cost?

Under INR 500