Dine Like The Mughals Did At Al-Jawahar, Jama Masjid

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Tradition is what makes this place special. The secret recipes passed down over generations and the hospitable staff make for an experience which is the closest you will get to dining like the Mughals in the city {sans the fancy, palatial dining area, of course}.

Chow Down

Nahari, Paya

Sip On

Aerated Drinks

Winning For

The wonderful options on the menu, which are all well-cooked, brilliantly spiced and authentic {as far as we can tell, anyway}. This joint definitely trumps Karim’s {another favourite from the vicinity} and does it without much pomp and show.

For The Common Man

For a restaurant that sells food fit for kings, the seating defines ‘basic’ with its plastic chairs and plain tables. “Khana Shehenshao ka hai, par hum sab to normal aadmi hi hai na sir,” explained a staff member when asked about the seating options. Much to one’s relief, the restaurant is air conditioned, and that really helps {considering the busy streets you just walked through to get there}.

The staff is quick and responsive, and always tends to serve you with a smile, which is a bonus!

Feasting Like A King

Al Jawahar has an extensive menu for meat lovers. The recipes and spice secrets are believed to have been passed down over generations {straight from the royal Mughal cooks} and still stand true to the original flavours. Some of the must-try options on the menu are Chicken Jahangiri, Chicken Qorma, Murgh Mussalam, brain curry and Tandoori Raan, but if you wish to experience the true taste of the Mughals, you should try the nihari and the paya.

While the nihari does not use cow meat {since beef is a sensitive topic} it is still cooked overnight and served in a flavourful mix of spices and fat. The paya {which is quite similar to the nihari} goes through a similar cooking process, making the meat succulent and soft. Paired with fresh khameeri rotis, lime wedges, onion and chilli, both these dishes prove to be heavenly and are perfect delights.

For those with a sweet craving, the Sheer Maal they serve is the perfect option. The sweet Kashmiri bread is perfect on its own, but can be oddly satisfying if paired with any of the spicy treats {the sweet and spicy combo works together perfectly}.

We would recommend that you visit with an empty stomach, though.

So, We’re Saying…

Al Jawahar is a must-try if you want to indulge in the authentic flavours of Shahjahanabad {the quick service and the delectable food are bound to keep you coming back}. We would recommend visiting during breakfast hours {for you might miss out on the nihari and paya otherwise}.

Food takes a while to reach your table {specially on busy days} but is well worth the wait.


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