By Namrata Juneja

The practice of breaking bread is not new to any of us. Food has always been a means of showing and sharing love in all of our lives, and is still going strong. That being said, in all of our modern day technology-fueled relationships, it has become increasingly hard to get people to sit together and pour their hearts out over a long meal. Everyone has noticed this, complained {while simultaneously tapping away on their respective smart phones} and now accepted it. With the spirit of keeping up with the times comes DIVA Spiced, the latest brainchild of renowned chef Ritu Dalmia.

She has previously enticed us with six different restaurant formats, all of which we know and love – Depot 29, DIVA – Italian and Café DIVA being a few. Her latest contribution to our constant quest for new flavours is DIVA spiced. An all-day dining café, it is centered around modern Asian cuisine – with an extensive Tapas menu and noodle bar as the star attractions. The idea is to support conversations, and connect friends and family over a meal. Ritu Dalmia’s flair for plating and combining fresh, wholesome ingredients remains unchanged, and we’re ever so excited to sample her foray into Asian cuisine.

Her restaurants are known for their ambiance; you can expect a perfect marriage of vintage and contemporary interiors, all of which will draw you in for a satisfying dining experience with friends or family. We suggest you take some time out, and take your taste buds on a tantalizing adventure.

Where: 79-80, Meharchand Market

Contact: 011 49051837

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.