Join This Tribe Of Volunteers In Delhi & ‘Do Nice Shit’

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What Makes It Awesome

Do Nice Shit embodies a group of like-minded people who are trying to make the world a better place – one drive at a time.

Do Nice Shit’s story began in 2016 when Jaivir Hans and Sahil Marwaha took to the streets of Delhi and fed 150 people. The simplicity of this drive, coupled with the immeasurable feeling of having made a difference, led the two of them to make DNS a regular part of their lives. Today, with the help of friends and family, this community has grown in scale and, in turn, a chain of niceness is being forged around Delhi. The best bit? The regular, community-focused drives around Delhi keep the chain growing, one link at a time.

Whether it’s been organizing a donation drive to collect household supplies for residents of a slum in Delhi, or mustering up support for inclusive education by providing notebooks to the students of an MCD school, there’s no limit to the kind of activities DNS carries out. Similarly, there’s no limit to the number of people who can join in – just reach out to them via their Facebook page here and say hi! The larger picture? There’s no rigid definition to ‘nice’ so let DNS inspire you to do a good deed, your way. A larger-scale drive to feed the doggies in your colony or even a solitary trip to the Blind School for an hour of reading – it’s easy to #DoItYourself.

If this sounds like your idea of a Sunday well-spent, get out there and do nice shit.


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