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Do you Know? | Trivia Nights at Speakeasy Cocktails and Dreams

Aditi posted on 09 September

By Aditi Datta

Smartphones killed the conversation star. We can’t deny that we love the ability to get online and purposefully construct anything from an itinerary to a paper gun that shoots {seriously, look it up!}. But we have to admit, knowing everything all the time does kill a bit of the fun.

Well, if you miss the feeling of searching the maze of your mind and having the answer at the tip of your tongue, and the urgency to get it right, and the fleeting sentiment of genius when it just comes to you in a flash – welcome to Trivia Nights at Speakeasy Cocktails and Dreams!

Every Friday at 9pm, our favourite speakeasy hosts a pub quiz of sorts. The quizmaster Charles Pereira is a Scrabble champion in his own right, and keeps the merry drinkers on their toes with questions ranging from geography, music, history, movies and everything else under the sun. {Otherwise known as Sol. Which is also the name of a Mexican cerveza aka beer. Called so because of the golden colour illuminating the bottle through a hole in the roof’s brewery. Did you know?}

For every person who puts their hand up with the right answer, there’s a chilled beer in it for them. For anybody that’s struggling to get it right but being a good sport – what the heck, there’s a chilled beer in it for them too!

What’s that you say? ‘Tis the season of upping the game. For the more hard-core GKists, you can catch the team challenge format at the once-monthly Drink & Think quiz nights. Chugh and Chanty have quizzed their way around town {see what they do here} and, unless you’re very very good, will always keep you guessing. Winning teams can roll in the spoils of goodies from the bar, a bunch of books from Hachette, and the pleasure of knowing it all for a reason, without being a causeless know-it-all.

If you haven’t earned your drinks with your quick mind or photographic memory, there’s always the brilliant cocktail menu, curated by Yangdup behind the bar. We love the gingerbread flavoured Foghorn, which is like a tiny bit of Christmas in a mason jar all year round.

Speaking of which, which part of the world was eggnog created in?


Notes in our Little Black Book |

Feel like the teacher’s pet again by raising your hand at Trivia Nights, held every Friday at 9pm at Speakeasy Cocktails & Dreams. This high-energy quiz night covers general interest topics; the fastest finger plus correct answer is rewarded with an ice-cold pint. We’ll see you there with your thinking hats on. For the more hard core, follow Chugh and Chanty's page for updates on trivia night.

Where: Sector 15, Behind Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon

Contact: +91-98101 04439 or find them on Facebook here 

Price: Beer starts at INR 215; cocktails start at INR 395

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