Ten-Second Takeaway

Doggie Dabbas believes that your puppy deserves the highest quality of food, signed sealed and delivered right to your household.

Pawful Of Goodness

220816_Doggie Dabbas1The new trend of organic food has us furiously scrutinising the contents of any and every product we buy; from tinned food to even apparently-healthy foods {like cereal}. We’ve all become uber-conscious about what we put on our tables {and consequently in our systems}, and with good reason. For all the families that include a pet pooch, this extends to his/her dietary needs as well, and that’s where Doggie Dabbas comes in.

A service that is essentially a customised dabba/tiffin system for dogs, it was started by Rashee Kuchroo in 2011. She’s a certified nutritionist, and reviews each of her dogs’ medical histories, asking for tests to be conducted if need be. Only after she has an in-depth knowledge of each dog’s lifestyle, level of activity and medical issues {if any} does she take them on as customers, designing their meal plans as per their individual needs.

While there are a few fixed items on the menu that are open to all {dog ice-cream, anyone?}, she ensures each dog’s meal provides him/her with all the nutrition they need.

Drool-Worthy Kibble

We highly recommend Doggie Dabbas over packaged food {and even food you make yourself}, because they ensure their preparation of food retains all the essential nutrients and minerals your doggie needs. They’re providing your dog a healthy, long life, conveniently packaged and delivered right to your doorstep.

Photos: Doggie Dabbas