Doggie Dabbas Is Delivering Healthy Food For Pets To Our Doorsteps

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Doggie Dabbas

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What Makes It Awesome

So, all of us know the importance of a healthy diet, right? And pretty much all of us also love the comfort of a home cooked meal. Doggie Dabbas, an online food delivery service, is applying the same rules to pet food but in a much more convenient way. It’s super important to feed your dogs (and cats) a nutritious meal and since they depend on us to give them food (in exchange for cuddles, it’s a barter system), it’s our responsibility to keep them healthy.

Doggie Dabbas makes healthy, home cooked meals that are vacuum packed and all you have to do is defrost, open and serve. The process is just as simple as opening any other pet food but it’s SO much better for our furry friends. Between the two options of Cottage Cheese and Chicken, I picked the Chicken & Vegetables Freshibble for my dogs. I just had to pour it into some fresh water and wait for it to soak it in for a few minutes and then my female dog gulped it down super quickly but my male chihuahua had to be hand fed (he can be picky with his food.) 

They also have dog treats like Chicken Jerky, Fish Jerky and Cheese Jerky in a few different flavours like Blueberry and Cranberry. I didn’t want to experiment too much so I just got the regular Chicken Jerky which my dogs loved (I think it’s the crunch factor.) They don’t have any biscuits, though.

Cat owners, they don’t have any easy peasy meals for kitties but they do have Meow Chow which are their cat treats made of fish, chicken or liver. I don’t have any cats so not sure how well-received these are. 

Price: INR 540 for one Freshibble, INR 315 for the Chicken Jerky, INR 160 onwards for cat treats

What Could Be Better

Okay, I know they’re called Doggie Dabbas, emphasis on the doggie, but more options for cat owners please!


They also do customised diet plans for dogs in case you’re not sure how to make the switch to freeze dried food. 


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