Pick Dogsee Chew Dog Treats For A Healthier, Chewier Alternative

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Your food extortionist of a pet dog can now hop on to the health bandwagon with Dogsee Chew bars, puffies and nuggets that are gluten-free and made from natural raw materials sourced from the Himalayas {Nepal and Darjeeling to be precise}.

Twist In The Tail

So, it all started with this one man, Bhupendra Khanal, who went trekking to Elam, a small district in Nepal. There, he noticed how the dogs who followed him around had great fur, and energy levels. When he dug deep, he found that they were all munching on churpi {hardened Yak milk cheese} that the villagers couldn’t care much about. Slowly, Dogsee Chew took shape.

Today, the brand is making a whole variety of dog food that boasts of being completely un-tampered with – Yak and cows whose milk is used for these chews roam free on Himalayan pastures, breathe clean air and have the luxury of drinking pure water.

Labra{dude} In The Making

Blaming your cuddly Labrador for his expanding waistline won’t get you anywhere. You know what will? Healthy treats for every time you can’t help but give into those puppy eyes. This is why we’re suggesting that you give these Dogsee Chew high-protein offerings a chance.

Whether it’s microwaveable popcorn or organic chewy bars, you can rest assured that your best friend will remain occupied for a long time {these chews are hard!}. More great news: None of those grain-related allergies ever take away the swag from your doggie’s wag. In fact, we also figure that the long-chewing property will lead to commendable dental hygiene.

Convinced yet?

Where: Shop online here

Contact: +91 8049564039

Price: INR 399 for a 200gm pack


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