Don't Pre-Order: These Trusty Bakeries Will Have Cakes Ready For You At Any Time

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Always forgetting birthdays? While that can be a very sticky situation to be in, we’ll help you get at least one aspect of it sorted. We’ve listed some trusty bakeries that don’t require you to pre-order a cake, so you can quickly walk in and pick one up {and maybe some flowers, too} for the times you forgot to think ahead.


You can always trust them to have a cake ready to be delivered to your doorstep. Whipped is always on our list for emergency {and delicious} cakes. We’re especially partial to their Coco Kahlua Mousse Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake. So, the next time you have an office farewell or a birthday party to rush to, don’t arrive empty-handed.


Theobroma is our go-to bakery for sweet treats – whether it’s their mouth-watering brownies or cupcakes. Theobroma has a number of excellent cakes on their menu, but we recommend you go and check them out instead of placing an order online, since not all of them are available all the time. Swing by one of their outlets and choose from their mousse cakes, choco-Oreo or their incredible red velvet cake.


Maxims is an old favourite, and while they do some of the best theme cakes if you call ahead,you can always depend on them for a trusty back-up cake if you’ve forgotten to place an order. Their bakery in Kailash Colony doesn’t deliver, so you’ll have to go and pick up a cake – but we can assure you that it’ll be great.


They recently opened in Delhi in SDA after being based out of Gurgaon and their signature cakes honestly don’t require an occasion to be consumed. Their seasonal fruitcakes {especially the mango one} are our favourite so far, but if you’re a die-hard chocolate lover, they really know their way with Belgian chocolate {and have gluten-free versions of it, too}.

The Cake Story

The Cake Story is based out of Gurgaon and, as the name suggests, they do all kinds of cakes and baked goodies. Specialising in different-flavoured cakes, from your basic chocolate and fruit cakes to different kinds of cheesecakes and even healthy cakes {we all have gym freaks in our lives}. You can always depend on them to have a cake ready for when you’re rushing back from work.


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