Grab A Window Seat & Watch The Rain From These Lunch Spots In Gurgaon

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Everyone loves the smell of the first rain hitting the earth, and the pitter-patter on windowsills, but no one wants to ruin their make-up or wilt their perfectly gelled hair. So if you like to watch the rain, but not get drenched in it, head to these lunch spots that will make your monsoon meet ups a lot more enjoyable.


You can gorge on crispy samosas and jalebis while enjoying the rains through Imly Cafe’s long French windows. The bright yellow and turquoise interiors won’t let the grey clouds darken your day.


Gurgaon’s new favourite, Prankster has an adorable balcony which overlooks all of Sector 29 market. Sitting in the open air, with a huge mug of beer in your hands, watching the trees get more lush and green in the downpour sounds like the chill weekend scene you need.

Caffe Tonino

Glass windows, thin crust pizzas and cocktails – Caffe Tonino is ideal for lunch on a rainy day. Nostalgic of the French Quarter in Pondicherry, the only thing this cafe is missing is the sea breeze, which on a drizzly day, you can forgive. Hearty Italian food and romantic weather are a winning combination, especially for a date.

Cafe Soul Garden

Cafe Soul Garden has a gorgeous covered seating area adjoining their {soul} garden. Perched on your picnic table right next to the rain, eating wholesome pasta is a great way to spend a rainy monsoon afternoon.

Harmoni Red: Play Cafe

The Harmoni Cafe is all glass, so it gives you a great view of the rain. With a playful vibe, it is stocked with board games and good food. You should grab your besties, go for a drive and chill here all evening. Scrabble matches optional!


CyberHub is the hub of all rain-worthy food, from a cup of good hot tea, to hipster-elevated pakoras, and warm deep-dish pizzas. Farzi Cafe, The People and Co. Cafe Delhi Heights and The Beer Cafe are some of our favourite spots to sit at during the monsoons.


Chronic oversized t-shirt wearer and unapologetic pundamentalist, Vatsala Peshawaria often cannot resist food long enough to take a picture.