Learn To Read, Write, Speak & Compute Better With This Fun Brain Trainer

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether it's tuning into Bournvita Quiz Contest as a child or playing Catan as an adult, I have always been drawn to the exciting world of indoor games. And while there's nothing that beats the camaraderie of competition, there's a joy to be found in playing against oneself as well. This is where I turn to Elevate, a fun brain training app with a ton of brain games that are challenging and help me improve myself each day.

Elevate's brain games are divided into four sections - writing, reading, speaking, and math - with games on brevity, transitions, diction, pronunciation, agility, context, proportion, conversion, and more. In all, there are more than 35 categories with levels ranging from novice to expert. I get to play three games each day (five in the pro version) and can also track my performance in each section and see where I rank with regard to other app users. The competition is real, my friend. 

What I also dearly love about this app is its user interface. It's very modern and slick and gives me helpful tips whenever I choose the wrong option in a game.


Elevate has a pro version with unlimited access to games, personalised training, and in-depth insights. It has a seven-day free trial (which I highly recommend) and after that, it's INR 1,099 per year (which is absolutely worth it).

PS - I also recommend checking out the independent research done on Elevate's effectiveness. It shows how it can genuinely help you unlock more brainpower and perform better day in and day out.