Love To Write? Hit Up This Brand For Elegant Leather Journals, Notebooks & More

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What Makes It Awesome

Thinking of a gift for someone comes with a great deal of prior planning and a whole lot of browsing. And yet, sometimes, we end up buying a shirt size too large or a dress too small. That's precisely why gifting stationery proves to be less exhausting and you can't possibly go wrong with it. Which is why we're here writing about this brand we found on Instagram - D'Potli. 

Headquartered in Jaipur, D'Potli has done a tremendous job at creating handcrafted notebooks and leather journals. Whether it's the quoted ones or the graphic printed notebooks, their designs follow a simple pattern - nothing too loud and yet gets the attention it deserves. With motivational quotes printed abstractly on a notebook, these folks aren't always preachy. They also have adorable little animals like llamas printed next to some wacky quotes.

If none of this appeals to your taste then they also have some plain notebooks with solid colours. Even with everything turning digital, the art of journaling has not died yet. If you believe the same then check out their leather journals which come with handmade papers inside. These come in Black Matte, Rustic and Tan Brown. Have something in mind? They offer customization on these notebooks and diaries too. It could be the initials of the person or some quote that's stuck with you from your favourite book, these guys will get it printed. 

Their journals start at around INR 559 and the notebooks are priced at INR 150. 


Orders can be placed through their website. If you DM them on Instagram inquiring about a product, they're pretty quick to respond. 

P.S., these folks order country-wide shipping. So, shop away. 


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