Carbonara Dimsums & Charcoal Prawns: Dragonfly Experience Is A Foodie's Delight

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What Makes It Awesome

What struck me first about Dragonfly Experience in Aerocity was just the grandeur of the space. As I climbed down a stairway and descended into a gigantic space full of light and colour, I was fairly impressed by the impact it made.

It was automatically set apart from the intimate spaces and enormous clubs of the city through its decor, music and vibe. The space is peppered with coloured, illuminated dragonfly motifs, as well as walls of broken mirror tiling that reflect light gloriously, It's a lot to take in, but it's definitely not a space that's afraid to be who it is.

I'll preface this by saying that unfortunately, I popped by on a dry day, and so I've had no exposure to their cocktail and liquor selection, but friends who've been there tell them their cocktails are potent and well-mixed.

Now, on to what I did try; the food. Some of the food may have been a little hit-and-miss, but there were certain things on the menu I simply could not stop eating. The cuisine, a mixture of world cuisine, does parts of the world phenomenally. Their chicken liver pate and these little keema puffballs they do (that taste like they are made out of crumbed Cheetos, but the recipe is actually far more sophisticated; I asked) and absolutely delightful. I also found their Truffle Mac N Cheese and their Carbonara Dimsums (yes, indeed, these are dimsums with carbonara sauce in them), are equally divine.

Their big sell, though, is their Asian food; don't leave without trying the raw papaya salad, the Activated Charcoal Tempura Prawns and their sushi (I had three types and I don't regret any of them).
I was a little underwhelmed by their dessert, but their food (and, I'm told, their cocktails), more than make up for it.

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