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Here's How To Drink Healthier On Your Next Saturday Night-Out

    A lot of us want to be able to let our hair down after a long week but don’t want to worry about weight-gain and looking puffy the next day. Well, fret not, I’ve got a few drink solutions that will hit the right spot and won’t derail your diet.

    Bloody Mary

    Make it healthier by using homemade tomato juice or low-sodium, unsweetened tomato juice, and add a lot of Worcestershire sauce, a shot of vodka, lemon wedges and pepper. Perfect for winter afternoon lunches and Sunday brunches. Check out LBB’s list of where to get the best Bloody Mary’s here.

    Wine Spritzer

    With half a portion of wine and soda each, this one is like flavoured sparkling water, so you can nix the sugar and halve the calories. Perfect for a bachelorette or a night-out with the girls.


    With mint leaves, lime wedges, soda and vodka, this one is perfect for drinks at home, or even a relaxed afternoon by the pool.


    Make it healthier by drinking neat tequila. Tequila is made from agave; a kind of cactus that is lower in sugar than other alcohols. Swig it back with a wedge of lime, and make sure you drink enough water when you do. This one is perfect for a bachelorette or a bachelor party, too.

    Gin & Tonic

    Make it with a gin and soda and a tiny bit of lime juice. Tonic contains a lot of added sugars, so you might want to avoid it. Perfect for weddings, sangeets and brunches.


    Make it healthier by using no-added-sugar orange juice, or any other fresh juice, and dilute it with seltzer or soda before you add the champagne. Perfect for brunches, weddings and launch parties.

    Shots Shots Shots!

    Drink it straight-up or water it down with some water, but avoid using any calorific sweetened beverages or mixers. Perfect for weekends at a club and house parties.

    Here are a few general tips that might help:
    Avoid any canned or packaged juices.
    Don’t mix your drinks with coke/Red Bull/tonic water.
    Avoid cocktails at all costs, particularly the ones laden with sugary syrups.
    If you are at a house party, try and whip up your own drink instead of letting people play around with the sugary pre-made mixes.
    When in doubt, stick to gin, vodka or tequila.
    If you have to sip some bubbly or wine, try and dilute it with seltzer or soda to halve the calories and carbs.


    The hungry Monkey has a few low calorie cocktails, including a tequila based cocktail called ‘Acapulco’ with agave on the side; I think you’ll love it.