Water Park Vacay! This Amusement Park Lets You Stay There Overnight

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What Makes It Awesome

A small version of Kempty Falls, adrenaline-inducing rides and a resort where you can stay are all the facilities that Drizzling Land in Ghaziabad has to offer for this summer, folks!

While Delhi heat isn’t the best, it’s also true that we cannot pack ourselves off to a hill station as and when we want. Hence, it’s important that we find a place close by for a quick and cool vacay. In this sort a situation, what could be better than a water park with beautiful rooms to crash in? Drizzling Land in Ghaziabad fits that bill, and how!

They’ve built a smaller version of Kempty Falls for visitors who might be feeling sore about not being able to go to Mussoorie, and have multi-lane slides for those who love a good sliding contest with their friends. They have a water park for those who don’t want to get on the thrilling rides. To add to that, they’ve got poolside food courts, so you can get your chill and grub on at the same time. They even have an amusement park (minus water) for those who don’t want to get drenched at all, which has rides like Rock N Roll, Roller Coaster (the biggest in Delhi NCR, they claim), Water Merry Go Round, My Fair Lady, Disc Coaster, Revolving Tower and the lot for those who have a heart of steel. A trip into the amusement park will cost you only INR 850 (INR 950 on weekends).

Drizzling Land is open from 10 AM - 6:30 PM on all days.

Pro Tip

We say you book a room here to relax and chill the night away after a whole day of adventure. The price of the room (along with an entry to the park) is INR 2,599 for two people, which we feel is a great deal for all the fun you’re going to have.