Pitampura Folks, Try Pottery & De-Stress At This Gorgeous Rooftop Studio

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What Makes It Awesome

Living in North West Delhi has its perks (a relatively moderate cost of living) but numerous pottery studios aren't one of them. This is why, when we came across this studio—based out of a Pitampura house—we had to check it out. 

Earthen Aura Ceramics is situated on the rooftop of Dipti's home and has been around for quite some time actually (2003, to be precise). This studio has two parts to it—one, an open green terrace with all the paraphernalia required for glazing and where the clay is made and solidified, and two, a room with three pottery wheels and shelves full of stunning earthenware (and more pottery/sculpting tools)

On a good weather day, you can even try pottery in the lovely sunny balcony, but you'll mostly find Dipti with her students in the indoor area. And just FYI, she's had everyone from little six-year-olds to 50-something grandmas as students, so don't worry, Dipti can help anyone clay it right. Wheel work, hand-built pottery, firing techniques, and glazing are some of the things she can teach you.

We also love that her studio is super-clean (despite being a pottery place with sacks full of clay). Fun fact,—since Dipti loves owls, that's the first thing she teaches her students—how to make clay owls (exactly why you'll see so many clay ones lying around the studio).  Also, folks who want to get customised earthenware (not in bulk) can even get in touch with Dipti for orders. 

Price: INR 2,000 (weekend course), INR 5,000 (one month), INR 14,000 (three months) and INR 27,000 (six months). Two-hour long classes happen twice a week—Thursday & Friday (on weekdays) and the weekend.


Since this pottery studio is located in a residential area, it's slightly difficult to spot in between the bungalows (but Google Maps can help!). If you don't want to get lost, we recommend that you call Dipti before dropping by. She can help you with the exact directions.


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