Handmade Soap Lovers, You'll Soon Be Obsessed With This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

While there's a fair amount of things available at Earthy Tones (read body butters, face packs, shampoo bars, bath salts and more), I actually fell in love with their handmade soaps above all else.

If you're into organic, handcrafted soaps and are always scouting for a brand to try, look no further. While most of their soap and shampoo bars sound quite promising, there are three in particular that I thought were quite fantastic.

The first, the Coffee & Cocoa Butter is very helpful when it comes to moisturising dry skin. Then, there's their Aloevera & Cucumber soap which is extremely refreshing and the perfect summer soap, and lastly, their Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree soap, which is actually amazing if you live in Delhi, and are exposed to more pollutants daily than the average person (it's great for drawing out dirt).

What Could Be Better

Their website is a bit troublesome and it's not the easiest to navigate through.