Munch Your Way To Health With These Trail Mixes, Protein Cookies & More

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Eat Anytime

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What Makes It Awesome

Our snack-loving souls never understood how you could cut down on snacking and live a happy life. It just isn't possible. But packing on the calories from those insane amounts of cookies and chips wasn't good in the long-term either. So what did we do? We searched and searched, and finally found EAT Anytime, an online healthy snack brand whose tasty snacks you can eat, well, anytime.

EAT Anytime likes to use the term 'Mindful Snacking' for its products and the snacks come with no added sugar and are made with all-natural ingredients. We found orange and butterscotch energy bars, dark chocolate protein cookies, papaya and pineapple dry fruit trail mix, ragi nutri bars, peri-peri chickpeas, chia seeds, and more great snacking options on the brand's online store. 

The dry fruit trail mix and protein cookies from EAT Anytime are absolutely delicious. And the best part is that they make you feel so healthy and full that your mood is automatically uplifted. A box of eight protein cookies cost us INR 360, while a box of the trail mix was for INR 390.

EAT Anytime offers Pan-India deliveries and free shipping. We recommend you order in ASAP because they run out of stock pretty quickly.

What Could Be Better

While EAT Anytime has many categories of snacks, each category could do with some more options and flavours.