7 Days, 7 Places & The Best Of Connaught Place

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With so much to do and places to try out, Connaught Place has been pulling in a lot of the ‘HKV crowd’ lately {and it has every reason to}. And because one is totally spoilt for choice here, we’re here to save the day!

From tea and vegetarian options, to meat delights and potent cocktails, we give you a list of seven places you can visit, each day of the week.

Mondays At The Chai Story

The Chai Story in CP has been a saviour when we’re suffering from the Monday blues. You can take a buddy and talk your hearts out over delish chai and shakes with amazing snacks like sandwiches and Maggi. If you go to the N block outlet, you’ll find UNO cards as well! Spend the day sipping on tea, playing UNO and munching on snacks. The cost for it would come out to be INR 150 per head {approximately}.

Tuesdays At Vega

This one is for all those who would love to skip non-vegetarian options for the day {and there are many}. Though a little high on prices, the food here is prepared without onion and garlic, yet is just so delicious.

What To Order: Maharaja’s Feast, Dahi Kebabs

Wednesdays At United Coffee House

Wednesdays are hump days, and a good wholesome meal is what you need to make the most of them. The ambience offers a classic dining experience and the food scores big on quality and taste.

What To Order: Braised Duck ‘Beijing’ Style, Cheese Balls

Thursdays At Chew

If you’re craving Thai {or any other form of oriental cuisine}, this is the place to go. Priced reasonably and portioned well, Chew is a delight to dine at. The sushi here is pretty good, too.

What To Order: Quick Fried Sea Bass Fillet, Thai Red Curry

Fridays At Odeon Social

If you’re looking to make the most out of your #Friyay, then Odeon Social is the place to be. The cocktails are brilliantly mixed and the food is amazing. The DJ spins some good numbers, too.

What To Order: Death Wings, Trip On The Drip

Saturdays At Wenger's

After the late night partying on Friday, you need a perfect evening chill scene with friends. Wenger’s offers some of the most delicious food in town so you can just kick back, fill up your belly and have a good time.

What To Order: Peri Peri Panini, Nutella waffles.

Sundays At Farzi Cafe

So, it’s the end of the week, and you’re looking for a good place to eat with your family and friends? Head to Farzi for innovative recipes, interesting cocktails and just the right ambience. Don’t forget to try their fusion desserts.

What To Order: Monkey Sour, Pork Belly Tikka


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