We know the secret to office camaraderie often lies in eating together. With that in mind, here are a few easy-to-order, online delivery services for you, and your entire office, to enjoy lunch without leaving the building.


FRSH Hungry At Work? Check Out Gurgaon's Lunch Delivery Services

Image courtesy: FRSH

Healthy juices and snacks during work hours. Their menu is made up of small meals, like the crunchy peanut salad, and sandwiches like egg & mayo, made in brown bread. Their specialty is fresh pressed juices like the Sunshine Blast, which comes with green apples, pears, red cabbage, cucumber and lemon. Or go simple with a plain watermelon. We love the just-right portion sizes, and all-kinds-of-right sabudana khichdi!

To order: Click here 

Price: Snacks start at INR 40, juices start at INR 60

Curry In A Hurry

Curry In A Hurry delivers simple, delicious and home-cooked meals that come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options straight to your desk. They have a pre-set menu that changes everyday and typically includes a vegetable or chicken dish, a dal, hot rotis and achaar. They stop taking fresh orders at 1pm though, so make sure you also place your order in a hurry.

To order: Click here

Price: Starting at INR 85 for a vegetarian thali 

Salad Days

Gurgaon-based Salad Days {that’s also taken Delhi by storm} specialises only in salads and cold pressed juices. The menu includes a colourful array of fruit bowls, pasta salads, and classic non-vegetarian and veggie options. Wild Rice & Avocado, Mediterranean Chickpea, Kale & Tuna and Asian Chicken Noodle are just some of the delish salads on offer. Ordering options include on-demand individual orders, large-scale salad party orders, and even a loyalty programme with prepaid schemes. Growing their own veggies and easy order options for large groups snags them a spot on our list.

To order: Click here

Price: Between INR 149 and INR 349

World In A Box

World-in-a-box Hungry At Work? Check Out Gurgaon's Lunch Delivery Services

Image courtesy: World in a Box

It’s hard to stick to a diet that’s mostly lettuce leaves, when your co-workers order chole bhature every single day. For meals that are equal parts yummy and healthy, we recommend ordering from World In A Box. Salads, sandwiches and grills – your lunch will be the envy of the office. They also whip up some interesting smoothies, like the Anti-Oxidant Very Berry or the Detox variants.

To order: Click here

Price: Starting at INR 149 for a vegetarian sandwich


Teaming up with a seasoned chef and a nutritionist, co-founders Nupur and Anisha weighed and measured all ingredients to work out how, say a keema and roti, can still be healthy. They managed to get Tofu Penang Curry with Rice and fish tacos on target, but had to give up their pursuit of a healthy butter chicken. {Apparently, just. not. possible}. Their smart and very pretty website lets you order by cuisine or by desired calories; they’ve got the economy of eating down pat.

To order: Click here 

Price: Between INR 170 and INR 280

Featured image courtesy: Eatonomist


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