From Power Snack Bar To Protein Snacks, Max Protein Has Covered It All!

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Max Protein

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What Makes It Awesome?

With the hectic schedule in our day to day life, we tend to forget to eat right and stay fit. But there’s no need to worry all thanks to max protein. Max protein has a variety of healthy options to choose from. From their power Snack Bar, Protein Snacks, to even work out bar one can opt from.

Their max protein daily which comes in Choco Berry, Choco Classic and Choco Almond Flavour is packed with 10g of protein and 5g of finer. That’s enough to fuel up our body for 2 hours of energy. The max protein active on the other hand comes with 20g of protein. It’s available in 5 flavours including - green coffee beans, green tea and berries. Max protein ultimate comes in the 30g of proteins enough for a 5 hour sustained energy.

Right bite also had the power snack bar that comes in 6 flavours including - nuts and seeds, yoghurt berry, choco delight, peanut butter, fruits and seeds and sports bar. These have natural ingredients and no preservatives.

So don’t just keep being fit at the back of your mind, go ahead and grab a bit from max protein and live a healthy life.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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