LBB Crew Approved: Here Are 5 Dishes We Tried Recently That Stayed With Us

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Too picky to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying new food? We asked the LBB crew about their favourite new dishes that have stuck with them, and put together a few for you. So the next time you feel like trying a new restaurant, you can go pop over to one of these. We can vouch for these tried-and-tested dishes.

Chicken Chettinad At Chateau De Pondicherry

Fond of Tamil and French food? Chateau De Pondicherry one of the nicest restaurants we came across this year with their pretty decor and stellar food. If you’re fond of coastal food, we recommend you try the Chicken Chettinad here, it’s a spicy chicken curry that’s got the most incredible flavours. Our Head Photographer, Siddhi Soi, absolutely loved it. They serve this with thin, malabar paranthas and this honestly makes a great meal. We recommend you go easy on the starters if you want to enjoy this.

Panuozzo Sandwiches At Evoo Pizzeria

Evoo Pizzeria is doling out delicious sandwiches and pizzas. We reccommend you try the Lamb Meatball Panuozzo. We went all Joey on it, it’s an authentic Italian sandwich filled meat, cheese, olive oil, and marinara sauce. This sandwich is probably worth skipping the pizzas for {but the pizzas are incredible too, so take a breather and hog on them later}. Our Features Writer, Tushar Thapar, couldn’t get enough!

Wok Fried Idli At The Courtyard Cafe

The Courtyard Cafe in Noida is doing a of interesting dishes but the Wok Fried Idli {yes, that’s a thing} stole the show. It makes eating only vegetables with this dish worth it. Crispy vegetables loaded with flavours sitting on a bed of soft, fluffy idlis. Definitely something we’d come back for. Our Photographer, Mukul Rautela, certainly seems to want to.

Bacon Donuts At LIT

The very term has us swooning at the thought of crispy strips of pork immersed in fried dough. The bacon donuts at LIT Bar & Ristorante seriously take bar food to a whole other level. The rich, creamy sauce combined with strips of bacon baked to perfection in a doughnut is something our Editor, Saumyaa Vohra, went back for them twice, and recommends them to anyone who doesn’t care about eating healthy.

Kebab Waffle Corn Dog, WAFL

WAFL is a dessert haven, but what we liked the most were the kebab waffle corn dogs. They’re exactly what they sound like; a crispy waffle, just sweet enough to enjoy the succulent kebab underneath. Our Features Writer, Nitya Cyriac, was surprised by how much she enjoyed this combination, but couldn’t stop raving about it when she came back.


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