Buy & Sell Clothes at Economical Prices on Spoyl

Namrata posted on 30 December


For sartorial acquisitions, try Spoyl. The new kid on the {app} block, it’s a platform where you can connect with fashion aficionados, shop from their wardrobes and retail your own pieces, when you’re done with them.

Retail 101

The concept is simple- pick out what you’d like to sell from your wardrobe, style and photograph it, and upload it to the app for their team of in-house stylists to peruse. Once approved, other people can browse and select what they want to buy from you {at a discounted price}.

Voila! You’ll have a little dough to spare and space to fill in your wardrobe.

To market, to market, to score a new piece

If you’re looking to buy, it’s as simple as scrolling through their image feed and selecting what appeals to you most. You can even connect with the sellers for any questions about sizes and styles.

What else?

The app doesn’t just look to create a buy-and-sell environment, but to foster a social connection between fashion influencers and fashion aficionados. Whether you’re looking for a spot of style inspiration or looking to put your style story out there for others to appreciate {and purchase}, this is the place for you.

Download the app here for Android, and here for iOS.

Find out more about them here.

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