Ten Second Takeaway

Concept jewellery designer Eina Ahluwalia and accessory brand NIMAI come together to create an installation featuring pieces from Eina Ahluwalia’s new collection ‘Paradisiac’ at NIMAI’s space in Shahpur Jat.

What to expect

The installation looks to address the social norms and conventions of beauty that are mostly propagated by the media and hope to bring to light how narrow the vision is. They believe everyone should feel beautiful, breaking out of the shackles that these norms pose.


NIMAI’s space will display pieces from Eina Ahluwalia’s new range, as well as a few classics that she is known for. The underlying theme is a pilgrimage to the alter of Venus, one that is portrayed as ever-changing and therefore unattainable.

With NIMAI and Eina Ahluwalia getting together, we couldn’t think of a more powerful pairing if we tried. Don’t miss out.

When: 18th Sep, 11am- 5pm

Where: NIMAI, 416, Behind Dada Jungi Lane, Shahpur Jat

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