There's A New Mexican Restaurant In G-Town & They Do Stellar Enchiladas!

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What Makes It Awesome

Have you had enough of Mexican in Delhi? Well, the answer doesn't matter until you head to El Sabor, a new Mexican restaurant that has recently opened up in Sector 29, Gurgaon. With its branches in USA, this place will transport you to the Mexican land (trust us on this).

While the interiors are colourful, El Sabor also has a good seating capacity so we are sure that you'll find a space here for some stellar food (not sure if you head here over the weekends). 

Their head chef, Pablo will make sure that you taste authentic Mexican food without compromising on the flavours. Make yourself comfortable and try their Crazy Nachos for sure. This is topped with paneer, cheese, and Pico De Gallo (for vegetarians), or with grilled chicken/shrimps (for non-vegetarians). We also tried their chicken quesadillas (a heaven for cheese lovers) and we were spellbound by the flavours. Pablo also recommends that you try their lamb quesadillas. Oh, and let us tell you, before you move over to the main course, if you wish to try something new, do try their Falutas too (fried tortilla roll served with guacamole, salad, and sour cream). Doesn't it sound mouth-watering?

Over to the main course - you'll definitely love their Burritos California, which is basically a tortilla filled with grilled chicken or lamb, sour cream, rice, and beans topped with cheesy dip and Pico De Gallo. Let us tell you, this one's huge so it's obviously not a meal for one! 

Everything we tried was super-yummy but their plate of enchiladas was something that blew our mind. We ordered their Tikka Masala Enchiladas (because it's fusion food) and of course, we couldn't get over this dish (it really was SO good!). These enchiladas are filled with paneer tikka and served with rice beans. You could even ask for a non-vegetarian filling which would include chicken tikka but, we suggest that you try the vegetarian option.

Finally, for desserts, order their Indian Rasmalai. Their rasmalai comes with a bit of fusion as it's served with a smokey tart (like ice cream) and was delicious. For drinks, their Mamacita Margarita is a must-try. It has tequila, avocado puree, nimbu juice, and a simple sugar syrup. Looking for something non-alcoholic? Then, without any doubt, try their Cucumber Fizz, which is made with fresh cucumber, lime juice, and cucumber syrup.

What Could Be Better

We feel that since El Sabor is located in Gurgaon, it might be a little hectic travelling all the way from New Delhi. We hope that Delhi also gets a branch soon.


If Mexican isn't your flavour, then, you could even try dishes from their Indian cuisine options. Right from dal makhani to biryani, you'll love it all!


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