Elevate That Croc, Now! This New Platform Collection Is Everything

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What Makes It Awesome?

I love platform heels and I work in a kitchen, there is actually no logical way to combine my love for heels and my commitment to my profession, till one day, guess who adds a platform heel to their range of incredibly comfy shoes? Crocs! Who’d have thought? I’ve always loved wearing crocs, perfect for the pool, for a quick stroll to the market, and most definitely for the kitchen.

They are super sturdy, washable, cushioned, and comfortable, and I actually match them with the ones I have been getting for my daughter since she was a kid. More than looks and comfort, it’s the functionality that is attractive, especially when it comes to kids; this is a pair of footwear they can mess up at the park, walk through the muck, slosh in puddles, and still retain the integrity of structure, shape, and colour.

The Crocband™ Platform Collection just launched this fall season and taps into the current trend for platform profiles seen in athletic and fashion footwear. They’ve added a 1.5-inch platform sole across four colours, including Black, Light Grey which has a rose coloured band, Navy Blue, and Blossom. They’re super light despite the heel, and fun to wear. They also have heel straps and deeper heel cups for a better fit. Though what I liked the most was the fact that the addition of a heel is very aesthetic and not obvious, as a short person in a high stress, physical job like being a chef, I love the idea of a shoe that combines form, fit, and functionality, and that too in a cutesy colour like rose. Now that the kid is coming into her teens, she wants one for her evening hang-out session with her friends.

What Could Be Better?

More colours would definitely be a good idea.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Kids and Family

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼