A Cute Blue Rickshaw Is Serving Chilli Guava, Matcha & Banoffee Ice Cream In Gurgaon

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At about INR 90 a scoop, the ice cream at Emoi is not super budget-friendly. However, served out of an adorable blue tuk-tuk and available in quirky flavours, it’s definitely worth treating yourself to.

Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Emoi is parked outside Yum Yum Cha and the bubblegum blue and pink tuk-tuk attracts a lot of attention. The menu is ice-cream and froyo only, available in cups and on sticks. It’s hard to decide which flavour you’d like to sample first – Emoi’s menu has lots of interesting combinations. For instance, cherry with bubblegum, strawberry and white chocolate, guava with a hint of chili and, of course, Matcha.

The ice creams also come in shapes that are as unique as the flavours – case in point, the Mangomnom, a cat-shaped, mango-flavoured ice cream. Cue the Instagram likes guys, this one is pawdorable.

What We Loved

While the mango ice cream was creamy, smooth and quite refreshing, we couldn’t resist trying some of the less conventional flavours as well. Torn between the Coco Cat {a tender coconut ice cream}, the Big Banoffee and the Guawow {chilli guava}, we eventually settled on a scoop of the chilli guava. It’s definitely an interesting flavour and we finished the whole thing quite happily, but we wish there was just a little bit more heat!

Anything Else?

You can even take home half a kilo of ice cream and treat your family to some delish dessert.


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