A Cute Blue Rickshaw Is Coming To Noida, & They Have Paw-Shaped Ice Cream!

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The blue rickshaw has finally travelled all the way from Cyber Hub, and is currently parked itself at the DLF Mall of India. This is the second rickshaw in the NCR region, by the brilliant people at Emoi {ice cream & fro-yo}. The usual quirky flavours like guava with a hint of chilli, cherry with bubblegum, are now joined by even newer flavours! Try the Sovelvet {Red Velvet}, Pawffee {Cold Coffee}, Soulful {Pista Badam}, Stroreo {Strawberry Oreo}, and Wowbrow {Vanilla Brownie}.

Though they’re priced slightly on the higher side {INR 90 per scoop}, where else would you get the experience of eating out of a blue tuk-tuk? The quirky flavours will win you over in no time, and keep you coming back for more! Do you feel the weather outside? You’re welcome, Noida.


Ronojoy teaches English literature at DU. When not working, he can be found reading all the books ever written, playing the guitar, singing, painting and eating. He is possibly the only Bengali we've met who's allergic to fish.