Have A Heart: Empower Differently Abled Artists By Buying Cool Bags, Journals & Wall Art

Rene posted on 12th January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Atulyakala, a lifestyle and design brand working with deaf artists is creating an array of beautiful things. The affordable wall art, coffee mugs, bags, journals and other knick-knacks here are all a labour of love of a bunch of people who dared to look past their disability. 

Triple Decker Sunday Of Sorts

The venture was started by Smriti Nagpal who has been working as an interpreter with the deaf community for almost eight years now. Soon after she launched this platform, Amit {a visual artist} and Pintoo {a travelling photographer} decided to pitch in with their creative inputs and skills. Slowly, one journal led to three and a lot of artists found their true calling.

This heartfelt initiative is growing up to be a fine adult {Atulyakala’s is also present in Portugal and Denmark now} and why not? The intention is pure and the products speak for themselves.

We also feel reassured because it feels so good to know that the proceeds from the purchases go towards educating and empowering the deaf community all over India. Smriti makes sure that the funds are used to educate, generate employment opportunities and spread awareness about sign language in general.

Heart To Art Conversation

The play on everyday things in the collection from chai to balloon sellers makes it an absolute feel-good. We, for instance, are digging this journal that reminds us of the many faces we encounter in the Delhi metro.

We’re also getting home this candy man art print with pink budhiya ke baal that’s all our childhood memories rolled into one creative… It’ll go on our wall easy-peasy.

Finally, we’re collecting our paltry salary and other keepsakes in this sassy eco-wallet.

Buying decision made? Now just sit back and bask in the warm feeling of having made a difference.