Enter The World of Luxury With AURUM!


    What Makes It Awesome

    What is the one common thing between a good scotch and gourmet dining? Luxury. We all love the feeling of swiping our cards without worrying about our bank balances. If you’re a C-suite executive who has various commitments and lives the fast paced life, the new AURUM credit card takes care of all your requirements, enabling you to live a life of comfort. 

    Finished in black matte, this metallic card opens you to the world of elegance and easy use. This experience of luxury is elevated with a personalised welcome kit, not to mention this card is a ‘by invitation only’. Once you’re in the inner circle, you have access to a world of executive privileges such as complimentary memberships, indulgent travel experiences, dining experiences, entertainment privileges and so much more. However, a key feature of C-suite executives is that they’re constantly travelling, which thanks to AURUM is covered and how. Be it relaxing at an airport spa before your next flight while on hectic business travel, or dining, international lounge access and even flight cancellation coverage, AURUM has you taken care of. 

    So whatever your needs are, this luxurious metallic card will always have your back. Whether it’s as simple as flower and gift delivery, hotel and flight bookings, to organizing or managing an event, AURUM is just making your life easier. No more running around to wonder how to get the flight booked in time or how to get that conference room in that hotel booked. All is taken care of with just a swipe.


    A card that’s this premium, its customer service has to be top notch. They have a dedicated help line number with direct access to customer servicing associates. AURUM also rewards their customers for spend milestones. Customers are rewarded for achieving their monthly and yearly spend milestones. They stand a chance to receive special gift vouchers that can be redeemed at luxury brands or at premium hotels. Keep your eye out for this one of a kind card.