Truly Epi(que): This Brand Handcrafts Chocolate Bombs, Bars, Bonbons & More!

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What Makes It Awesome

We can find a million reasons to buy chocolates and come up with a million more, and it is still never going to be enough. With that thought, let us introduce you to a homegrown Delhi-based brand called Epique Chocolat, that does pure magic with its handcrafted chocolate bars. And that's not it though. Read on and salivate, folks! 

Let's dive right in to the bestselling dessert of Epique Chocolat - the handmade Chocolate Bombs, that come in delectable flavours like double chocolate mocha, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and vanilla latte. Just put them inside a mug or cup, and pour some hot milk to enjoy the warmth of your flavoured hot chocolate. You can also call for their Oreo chocolate bars, a favorite amongst choco-lovers too. There are vanilla and dark chocolate plus matcha bars too. 

What we also love is the brand's colourful packaging. It looks super aesthetic and comes in colours like lavender, yellow, green, blue, and more. We know you've probably already placed your orders post reading this article but hey, don't stop there. Gift your friends an assorted festive chocolate box from Epique Chocolat too! 


Don't forget to call for their vanilla and salted caramel bonbons too!