Road-Tripping With Doggo? Here's Everything You Need To Carry

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Daydreaming about a holiday at the beach is not exclusive to people. Your pet needs a break from his/her routine as well. A change of scenery, letting loose and running wild helps your pets truly embrace their doggie nature and de-stresses them. So, if you’re planning a road trip this summer, packing a bag for your pet is a great idea. Here are all the essentials you need.

Meals, Treats And Bowls

Carry easy-to-serve meals in secure packaging. Canned food or complete, single-serve meals are good options. Pack a few extra, just in case. Dry treats will also come in handy. Opt for easy-to-carry, washable and travel-friendly bowls for both food and water.

Grooming Kit

Heads Up For Tails Organic Paw Butter For Dogs

Don’t let your pet’s coat become a mass of knots on holiday. Carry a brush and use it every day (especially if your pet likes to feel the wind in his/her fur). Wipes are a great way to clean off bits of mud or dirt. You can also use these to wipe their paws before they bring the outdoors into your hotel room. A dab of paw butter on those paw pads keep them from cracking. The HUFT Paw Butter also resists ticks and fleas.


HUFT Anti Tick & Flea Combo

If you’re holidaying at a beach, your pet may need frequent wash downs so carry gentle shampoos and conditioners. Both on the beach and in the hills, your pet could pick up fleas, packing an anti-tick and flea repellent would be useful. Microfibre towels that dry quickly (at least 2) will definitely come in handy.

Leash And Harness

HUFT Pettraits Dog Harness - S

Make sure your pet’s harness is comfortable, highly durable and well-functioning. Match it with a strong leash fixed with a secure clip. If you have experience with them, retractable leashes are great for beaches and open spaces. For a rough, hilly terrain or hot beaches, shoes may be a good idea. Let your pet get used to them well before the holiday.


Pet Mats

Pet mats that can be rolled-up and don’t take up much room are good replacements for bulky pet beds while travelling. You can carry a blanket or toy that your pet is familiar with to help keep your pet at ease in a new place.

Safety First

Guardian Gear Ride Right Classic Car Seat Belt S/M Black

Always put safety first. Keep your pet comfortable in a crate or use a seat belt made especially for pets to keep them securely in the back seat. Young and excited doggies may distract you while driving, this can be dangerous on the highway. For senior pets, carry along a ramp to help them get in and out of the car easily. Jumping down from the car can place too much stress on their joints. Carry a first aid kit along too and make sure you have your vet’s number.


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