Ten-Second Takeaway

Available to shop at their boutique in Shahpur Jat and their website, the Ètaler bags collection has some quirky statement pieces, sling bags and even stationery.

The Bag You Deserve


During one of our strolls through Shahpur Jat’s tiny lanes, we found ourselves staring through Etaler’s window. The object of our shameless ogling was an unusual bag. See what we mean here – an unusual shape that ends in a triangular handle…we were itching to whip out our credit card.

The price tag is a bit of a reality check though; it’s definitely not a bag you need, but head to Etaler when you think you deserve to splurge.

Spendin’ All Our Money

A few more minutes in this store and our bank accounts would be empty – they stock clutches that make for the perfect party accessory, wallets that aren’t as pricey but still classy, diaries that are too pretty to actually want to write in and even cute coin pouches!

If you’d like to customise one of their genuine leather products, they’re happy to help. If you’d like your initials, a specific colour or something else entirely, drop them a mail here, or just drop by their store.

We’re going to start saving up now.

Photos source: Etaler