Every Day Is A Pooch Party At This Dog Park & Cafe In Gurgaon

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What Makes It Awesome?

Any pet parent who lives in a Gurgaon high-rise agrees that their fur baby needs a place to run, play and generally chill. Well, true to its name, Off The Leash is that place! We started taking my ‘brother’ Alex there a few months ago, and have really observed his previously unused excess energy go down. He’s more obedient, has fewer spells of extreme hyperactivity, and really looks forward to weekends. At just INR 400 per pet {for as long as they want}, your baby gets to run around the place, socialize with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, and have a great time in the sun. They also have ample water bowls, toys and balls lying around for your pet as well.

The highlight? Their swimming pool! Alex was scared the first time around, curious the second time, and ran straight to it, the third. After that, he’s just fallen in love with it. So much so, that even though they’ve emptied it for the winter, he still goes and checks it out each time he visits.

And it’s not ALL about the pooches {mostly, yes, but not all}. While you watch your baby run around, tongue out, tail wagging and drool flying, you can order a chai or lemonade and a little snack for yourself. The prices are reasonable and your order is taken against your pet’s name.

If you aren’t sure about how your pet will behave with other pets, there is an initiation area where he or she will be introduced to some of the regulars one by one. This session will help you decide how to take it forward.

What Could Be Better?

The road to Off The Leash is a bit of a turn-off {they’re obviously not to blame}. It is bumpy and you have to park on the street itself. But it’s all worth the satisfaction on your pooch’s face at the end of it, trust me!

What's My Pro Tip?

Sunday morning is when most pet parents bring their babies to Off The Leash. If you prefer a quieter time {perhaps easing your pet into the Gurgaon pooches social circle}, avoid that time. If you plan to take your dog for a swim {especially if he or she has long hair}, take a towel. And dress comfortably yourself.
Follow their Facebook page { https://www.facebook.com/offtheleashcafe/?utm_source=LBB&ref=lbbpost } for regular updates about events and other activities.

Anything Else?

Summer timings:
8am - 11am
5pm - 7.30pm

Winter timings:
9am - 6pm