Everything In My Gorgeous Study Is From Awesome Indian Brands!

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Lap & Dado

Lap & Dado

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if you follow me on LBB, you know I am obsessed with Lap & Dado. I love the quality of their woodwork and their speed of delivery! And of course, the cherry on top is their ability to customise orders. Along with my Chandigarh chairs, bar cabinet and dog bed, I recently got this gorgeous deep green book cabinet from them (custom). We worked on the design and the colours and finish together. Lap & Dado are reasonably well priced- not so expensive where they will break the bank; not cheap either as they use teak wood (not compressed wood). The dog bed is made by them as well, and this one's ready to order!

Yak Carpet

I found Yak on LBB; and have bought a couple of dhurries from them- including this gorgeous multi-shade denim dhurrie, with a traditional jaal design! They're decently well priced, and their dhurries last multiple dry-cleans and washes (bound to happen when you've got 2 dogs in the house!)

The Skilled Samaritan

I've bought another charpoy from Skilled Samaritan and swear by their quality of work- these charpoys last! I like that they make custom charpoys- this maroon and jute one in a traditional weave and traditional legs was all made custom basis my inputs =) They're super hands-on, and take about 1-2 weeks to deliver.

Lok Nayak Bhawan

I've recommended Lok nayak Bhawan multiple times! the lights you find their are excellent!

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