Purani Dilli & Vanilla Masala Chai: The City's Oldest Tea Boutique Will Make You Love Winter

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In the old streets of Daryaganj, you’d see Aap Ki Pasand standing quite awkwardly with its red-bricked colonial structure, and on the inside, it’s a paradise for all those who love tea and would love to try out some of their offbeat {but perfectly crafted} concoctions.

Old World Charm With Chai

It isn’t too hard to spot the Aap ki Pasand- Sancha Tea Boutique, thanks to its old world architecture. The canopy and bamboo blinds lend a vintage feel to the elegant boutique that has been standing in the busy streets of Daryaganj for over three decades now. If you’re someone who loves the aroma of tea just as much as tasting it, you’re going to love spending time here. With your very first step into the place, you’ll be welcomed by vintage furniture, warm staff and a very comforting tea fragrance.

Since its inception in 1981, Aap Ki Pasand has been home to some of the best quality tea and has an amazing mix of teas. Since it is a tea boutique, you’ll get the opportunity to taste as many teas as you’d like before you pick one and honestly, the well-mannered staff are always  happy to help you. The teas start at just INR 200, and with that kind of variety, it becomes very difficult to make a choice. We absolutely loved the Vanilla Masala Tea, which is crafted to retain the perfect spice balance while also adding the twist of vanilla. The outcome is that the flavour is super-rich, and you probably won’t be able to stop at just a single cup. Since the boutique is only meant for tasting, you won’t be charged anything if you just have a cup of tea and choose not to buy anything. But, with that kind of crazy variety, the reasonable prices and a staff so nice, it becomes very difficult not to take anything back home.

So, We're Saying...

We’re going to take in the old world charm at the city’s first tea boutique. If you love tea, you should probably get yours from here too!