Exploring the Other Side of Chandni Chowk

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Chandni Chowk. It conjures images of pigeons fluttering over the Jama Masjid, food being churned out at paranthewaali gali or at the Old and Famous Jalebi Waala, and the magnificent Red Fort. More often than not, it’s written off as that chaotic labyrinth that stays frozen in time; as the hub for delicious street food; that place to buy Sabyasachi-inspired lehengas at half the price.

Exploring Delhi 6 with LBB & Delhi Dallying has its perks- walkers saw sights and sounds of Chandni Chowk that are unheard of, and aren't commonly explored. We walked up narrow staircases, enveloped in aromas of saffron and cinnamon, which opened up to a spot that gives a birds eye view of the Chowk. We made our way into a historic haveli, one owned by one of the richest merchants that old Dilli has ever seen! Did you know that once upon a very long time ago a stream flowed through these streets? A detour off Ballimaran will took us to a place where all the noise of salesman and vendors are drowned out; in the heart of Chandni Chowk the LBB and Delhi Dallying crew and a bunch of our readers found silence.

No walk through Delhi 6 is complete without food made by its people. The LBB explorers were served refreshing lassi {from one of the best lassiwallas in the neighbourhood} and Chole chaawal, Old Dilli style.

Have a look at images from the Other Side of Old Delhi walk here.


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