This Festive Season, Wear Your Traditions With Fabindia’s New Collection!

    The season of celebrations is rolling in and there’s only one way to do it well and do it right this year - with family and Fabindia. If you’re tired of the usual blingy traditional wear and are looking for something beautiful, unique that’s rooted in history, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Fabindia has just launched their Rajwada collection, that’s all about celebrating our traditions. 

    Inspired by our Indian roots, this collection has been curated with a keen eye for fabric and colour. The collection is replete with gorgeous hues like Shyam or the evening-inspired blues and blacks and Panna & Phalsa or stunning reds, greens and yellows. We’re pretty sure that every piece in this collection will add to your festive cheer. With the perfect blend of the festive spirit coupled with subtlety, the Rajwada collection is a credit to our rich and royal Indian textile tradition. From their elegant silk printed kurtas, Kanjeevaram sarees or their Chanderi dupattas, we know you’ll catch everyone's eye and look and feel like royalty in this exquisite collection. Here’s a sneak peak into some of our favourites

    Cotton Silk Cutwork Slim Fit Long Kurta

    If you’re looking for something elegant and simple, the Rajwada Kurta collection is ideal for you. Accentuate your look with bold jewellery and gajras and you’ve got yourself ready for a fun day of celebrations.

    Silk Tussar Woven Sari

    There’s nothing quite like a saree to personify elegance and this Silk Tussar Woven Sari from Fabindia, is a personal favourite. Classic and beautiful, one can’t help but feel like a modern Indian goddess in this beauty.

    Cotton Silk Chanderi Dupatta

    If there’s one piece of clothing that can be styled in a million ways, it has to be the dupatta. This Cotton Silk Chanderi Dupatta is perfect if you want to add a touch of tradition and celebration to a simple outfit. And who wouldn't want a dupatta worthy of being passed on for generations to come as the ideal family heirloom.

    Cotton Silk A-Line Kurta Set

    Another favourite, this Cotton Silk A-Line Kurta Set is young, fun and different! If you don’t want to go the conventional way and want to try something new, this set is a great choice. Picture yourself dancing to the tunes of festivities and the swirls of your sharara, and you wouldn’t want to give this a pass.

    Cotton Silk Cutwork Long Kurta

    This simple, yet royal Cotton Silk Cutwork Long Kurta is beautiful in all its glory. With zari work and layers, this classic outfit has a touch of the past and present and represents the Rajwada collection beautifully.

    We’re sure by now, this collection has your heart just like it has ours. You can check out the Rajwada collection on the Fabindia website and their Facebook or Instagram for a lookbook of how you can style them best!