Ladies! Go Monochrome With FabNU: Fabindia’s Chic Streetwear Collection

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What Makes It Awesome

From Millennial or Gen Z, aren’t all our closets full of B&W outfits? Street-style fashion is where all the hype is and putting an Indian twist to it is all that was left to do! Fabindia’s FabNU collection is specially and gorgeously designed for the modern youth looking to express themselves through fashion. Its monochrome edit takes modern chic to a whole new level, while telling the story of exploring and embracing our unique journeys.

Choose from a range of streetwear featuring pant-and-shirt pairings that just seem to be made for each other, dresses you can add to your cart without a second thought and stoles & scarfs that can elevate any outfit. You could go with the classic solid black and/or white styles or explore prints that give your style an edge. From geometric to floral, the cotton and linen apparel collection covers all of what would best suit your style.

Reminding us of the old-time charm of black and white movies (Audrey Hepburn instantly comes to mind!), it’s a beautiful contrast in itself as well as to today’s fast-paced life. Taking us back to simpler times, bringing us comfort, the monochrome edit, within its seams and folds, exhibits the magical journey of travelers. Imagine a group of friends sailing amidst the cool breeze, enjoying clear blue skies, and reveling in the company they treasure the most. That’s what embodies this collection. The adventure of unraveling unexplored paths, discovering fresh sights-for-sore-eyes, and always picking the scenic routes over the practical ones. Because it’s the journey that actually matters.

Reinvent yourself, your journey and your closet with a one-stop-shop for creating the ultimate monochrome capsule wardrobe. 


Watch out for the “Blush Monochrome” edit from FabNU this festive season! It’s going to be breathtaking and beyond. 


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