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Binge Watched Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives? Here's Our Take On Their Style

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You either binge-watched or cringe-watched Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives on Netflix because, well, there's a reason it was #1 for so many weeks. Whatever your thoughts may have been about nepotism, a faux stalker in Doha or (sorry, not sorry) Neelam Kothari's accent, we did still take out the time to appreciate the ladies' styles (and stylists.) Here's how we're recreating some of their most iconic looks without our Bollywood-sized bank accounts. 

Seema Khan's Casual Chic Look At That Explosive Lunch

Women Solid Camel Colored Wool Wrap Coat


Okay, we're just getting it out of the way but Seema Khan had the best stylists, and this is not up for debate. Where some of the other wives' looks seemed a bit dated, we liked how Seema stuck to modern silhouettes and edgy sunglasses even while aboard that flying rickshaw. But at that lunch with Karan Johar, her ripped blazer, straight leg jeans paired up with a tank top and the coolest sunglasses on the show, we honestly couldn't care less about the fight between her and Bhavana because we needed to recreate this look ASAP with some chunky hoops and layered necklaces.

Neelam Kothari's Old Bollywood Glam

Women Ruffle Detail Solid V-Neck Top


We weren't the biggest fans of her looks in general because they were a little hashtag 'basic' but we did appreciate her old Bollywood glam with sequins and really deep, rich colour palettes (with earrings so big our ears would hurt by the end of the night.) Neelam definitely had a really interesting time, what with being almost stalked in Doha or not being able to sit down at Gauri Khan's party (still weirded out by that) but the one time we could focus on her outfit more than her accent was in her all-pink look with fuchsia berry pinks that somehow didn't clash. 

Maheep's Sassy (Yet Secretly Sweet) OOTDs

Women Floral Printed Solid Sleeveless Maxi Dress


Somehow Maheep was the coolest yet most smothering Mom on the show at the same time and her constant f-bombs were a bit much but we loved how she turned into Mama Bear when Shanaya got a bit of hate post her Le Bal debut. Our favourite Maheep look was in Doha where she was a self-proclaimed queen with her big (read: huge) hat paired with a floral dress. Oh, wait, no. Our favourite Maheep look was her dragging her friends at 6 AM to the beach to save the environment. We love a green queen. 

Bhavana's Beach Clean-Up Look

Women Basic Solid Jogger Pants


We know Bhavana was supposed to be the chill, energy facelift wife in the group but honestly? She was kinda boring and the only time we remember specifically looking at her outfit was when she wore heeled boots to the beach (and even that was almost overshadowed by Maheep calling a glove a "condome"). We'd probably wear some joggers, too, but leave the heels at home. Or don't and check these out if you're in touch with your inner Bhavana. 

The OG Bollywood Wife Gauri Khan

Women Knot Tie Waist Detail Solid Round Neck Bodycon Dress


She was the it Bollywood Wife before it was even a thing and the OG queen must be respected. With making her only appearance in the season 1 finale through a gorgeous party (that was literally discussed in every single episode even while holidaying in Doha), Gauri's gorgeous red dress was all things fabulous. 

Shanaya's Le Bal Debut

Women Miniature Polka Dots Printed Strappy Layered Ruffled Dress


Another red dress that stunned us (and not just because it's loud) was Shanaya's dress at Le Bal, made even grander and prettier by just being worn in Paris. While we're too broke to even Google the price of her actual dress, we love how the red dress looked worn formally and the frills just added a little bit of youth. Sadly, we're not gonna score an invite to Le Bal anytime soon so we'll settle for wearing it to brunch with a denim jacket. 

Janhvi Kapoor's Surprisingly Laidback Look

Women Green & White Gingham Checkered Shorts


While everyone else at the table was a tad overdressed to be eating the chicken prepared by Rekha (and, er, assisted by Maheep), Janhvi showed up in our personal favourite outfit from the entire series, literally a tank top and shorts. While she dropped some major gyaan for Jahaan (that rhymed) on how to treat the ladies and subtly showed off about how many roses she received on Valentine's Day (she got 4 and some of us got zero), we were pleasantly surprised that this was the girl whose Nykaa ad we'd see every time we opened YouTube (I came, I saw, I contoured, anyone?) 

PS: That video message wishing Janhvi happy birthday from Kylie Jenner? Shook. 


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