Looking For Fabulous Ouds? Check Out This Brand We’re Crushing On!

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Olfa Originals

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What makes it awesome?

Ever dressed like a dream but felt something is missing in your #OOTD? Well, most times, adding a spritz of perfume makes all the difference. If you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to some luxurious fragrances, stop your search right there because we’ve found it for you!

Say hello to Olfa Originals. What makes Olfa Originals one of the best options for luxury fragrances is that they’ve really elevated creating fragrances to an art form. Perfume making is an ancient art and they’re all about using time-tested techniques in crafting timeless aromas that are hard to resist. Olfa Originals believes in using only the finest and rarest of ingredients in perfumery. With a heritage dating back to 1805, it is as vintage and exotic as it gets. The show stopping ingredient in this range is oud, a precious, dark and fragrant resin derived from Aquilaria tree wood. Along with this secret element their fragrances have an array of other ingredients such as white jasmine, saffron, cinnamon, vanilla and more. 

We love that these fragrances come in an exquisite packaging too, which makes it perfect for gifting as well. The festive season’s coming right up and we’re all for treating ourselves (or our special people) to something unique. 

Pro tip

Olfa Originals is your perfect companion for yourself and for gifting your loved ones!


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