Shop For Fancy, Pure Cotton Face Masks By This GTown Creator!

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What Makes It Awesome

Soumya Wadhwani, a DIY queen and an awesome creator based in Gurgaon, makes face masks that are absolutely perfect! Not only do they look damn cool, but what’s awesome is that Soumya keeps coming up with newer patterns and designs on a regular.
Soumya reveals that there are a variety of fancy fabrics that are used to makes these facemasks (for the outer layer), but the innermost later is made of pure cotton for A1 comfort. Just look at the masks, ah! They’re fashionable and yet so comfortable (yes, I personally own one too)
What’s super cool is that she uses a pure brass wire for it to sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose.
She uses pure cotton cords for ear straps. They’re adjustable, and she’s added a cute bead to do the same. Yep- one size fits all, fella. Also, no rashes.
Soumya’s awesome handmade masks has 3 layers, which makes them sturdy and durable. And you can definitely rock them during the covid season, and post covid as well!

Kudos to her hardwork as she makes all of the facemasks from her house, without any additional manpower.

P.s.: She’s delivering these beauties pan-India!

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

Pro Tip

She is a DIY & thrifting queen. You can follow her on IG: @soumyawadhwani or @acreatorsstudio