Find Job Openings, Fellow Runners & More: Facebook Groups All Gurgaon Women Need To Join

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If you are new to the city and need suggestions for simple things {such as laundromats and grocery shops}, are looking for company on your evening walks or need support while your are starting your own venture, Gurgaon women come to each other’s rescue. These all-women groups will give you just the advice and help you need – whenever you ask for it.

Gurgaon Moms

This is the ultimate community for mothers in Gurgaon for support, advice and help. The group goes beyond the virtual world by holding meetings and helpful sessions, as well as sharing useful events. This blanket organisation also includes other groups such as Kids Gurgaon which offers recommendations and advice regarding children’s welfare, classes and any other thing mothers may need help with.

It also has a Book Club group which offers good company and incentive to stick to a hobby to busy mothers. You can check them out on Facebook here.

Gurgaon Women's Club

The Gurgaon Women’s Club is solely for businesswomen and entrepreneurs to network and advertise. It is also a good portal to find job offers and vacancies at companies and ventures started by other members. Check them out here.

Gurgaon Women Walking

This group was created to offer women company and motivation to walk outside, exercise and get fresh air. You can find people to go for a walk with you everyday, or even meet as a larger group on decided weekends for longer excursions. It’s a good way to meet new people, and walks are always more fun and less tiring when you have good company to divert your mind.

You can check them out on Meetup here.

Gurgaon Women Entrepreneurs

Gurgaon Women Entrepreneurs provides amazing support and encouragement to women who have started {or plan on starting} their own venture. The group is lively with lots of discussion, advice and suggestions. It is also a great place for networking because they also organise occasional talks, seminars and exhibitions.

So if you’re looking for a space that can help you or your company grow, this group is for you. Check them out here.

Gurgaon Women

With no specific requirements, this group is literally there just for women in Gurgaon to meet other people, ask for help about general things, and receive support and advice whenever they ask for it. The group informs members about interesting events happening around the city and updates them on new developments that may be relevant to locals.

Check them out here.


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