Farzi Keeps us Coming Back for Duck Samosas & More

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A blurring between cuisines, lots of smoke and magic and a mix of the sweet with the spicy, Farzi Cafe changes the way you look at a regular four-course meal. Case in point, the Chilli Duck Samosa.

Give everything a shot

Meals at Farzi begin with an amuse-bouche: Usually mysterious-looking white blobs with red centres. Pop these right in and you’ll soon realise they’re spiced mishti doi spheres- shots which burst inside your mouth.

Thereafter, you’re on your own amidst an adventurous menu full of things which may seem familiar at first, but everything’s got a twist to it. The classic cocktail samosa comes with a filling of chilli duck, dal chawal in Arancini form and the Chicken Tikka is served in a mini red phone booth. We’re drooling over the presentation.

Keeping it casual

Although Farzi’s got all your needs covered {there’s lots of good wine}, they have none of the pretensions which sometimes come with fine dining. You’ll often find them hosting live music gigs {they’ve had the likes of Faridkot, Mojojojo, Kutle Khan Project etc} and jamming all night.

So if you haven’t already indulged in the delight that Farzi is, bookmark for a night of wine and spectacular food.

PS: They’re opening in Connaught Place very soon! Read more here.



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