10 Fashion Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2021 (& Where To Get Them)

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Even after spending most of the year quarantining, fashion enthusiasts did not shy away from creating new trends like tie-dye, chunky gold jewellery and (thank God) cosy athleisure sets, all documented via FaceTime and tripod shoots at home. 2021, though, while keeping some of those trends is going to be bigger and bolder with lots of structured silhouettes (80s shoulder pads, anyone?) and blazers. So read on for our predictions of fashion trends in 2021. 

Oversized Button Down Shirts

Moonbow Shirt & Bralette Set

Gone are the days of getting a shirt and then knotting it up to make it cropped; in 2021 (and on the runway at shows like Michael Kors, Balenciaga & more) were oversized shirts that were left baggy (no cinching it at the waist with a belt) and worn as dresses. All of us probably have a few of those at home already or we can easily steal it from a brother's closet but we love this animal print detail shirt or this indigo blue one.

If you're not crazy about wearing it as a dress, pair it up with bike shorts or even oversized trousers for an anti-fit look. 


Women Button Detail Pink Blazer Dress


Blazers have been gaining momentum in the colder months but we're expecting them to go all-out by the time it's 2021. Every cool girl fashion blogger on Instagram (Aashna Shroff, Komal Pandey and the likes) has been finding ways to wear it in a way that doesn't automatically make you think you're off to a meeting. We love this camel coloured one for brunch or this ikat blazer that's comfy and versatile.

Bold Shoulders

Pink Tee With Shoulder Pads

2 years ago it was cold shoulders, 2020 was one shouldered tops and dresses and 2021's going to be all about big shoulders, the bolder the better. While some of us were a bit wary about letting shoulder pads become a thing again, it seems they're here to stay. A good, subtle place to start is with this ruffled shoulder top with some nice, straight trousers.

Chunky Jewellery

Tiffany Gold Plated Chain Link Necklace


We've seen a ton of layering happen in 2020 but in 2021, we're going majorly maximalist. While gold chain links will continue to be literally everywhere, like this gold chain necklace, we think silver is coming back , too, if Louis Vuitton and Hermes are to be believed. Check out this layered silver necklace with pearl detailing (another jewellery trend we love) or these statement earrings to wear as you're watching everyone get married on Zoom. 

Bubblegum Pink

Women Back Zip Detail Pink Floral Printed Puffed Sleeve Crop Top


One colour exchange some of us are secretly thrilled to be making is letting 2020 keep neon green and changing into bubblegum pink (thank you, Chanel and spring colour stereotypes.) We love how feminine this crop top is while still keeping things structured with the sleeves paired up with neutral pants in grey or even khaki. If you're feeling extra, this pink skirt with ruffles is insanely cute, too.


Women Solid Crochet Strappy Top


If you've spent any time on TikTok (before it got banned) or around anyone from Gen Z, you'll have heard the term "cottagecore" that basically romanticises agricultural forms of fashion, like crochet. We tried DIYing it (and failed) so we're sticking to these ombre crochet earrings with this plain black crochet top (or this pretty pink). Try not to overdo it, though, but look how cute these crochet slides are!

Athleisure Made Cooler

Women Side Tie Detail Pink Sweatshirt


Unsurprisingly, another trend that dominated Fashion Weeks all over the world was athleisure; whether they were colour coordinated sets or just oversized sweatshirts, we loved seeing big labels embrace the new normal where we all just wanna stay comfy, y'know? We like the tie detailing on this pink one that's not super basic but for simpler days, this plain black one with a stitched cross detailing would be super easy to make into a matching set 'cause we bet you've got plain black sweats at home. 

Boho Dresses

Women Gathered Solid White Sleeveless Maxi Dress


Okay so maybe we did get a little tired of staying in oversized graphic tees and pyjamas all day which is why we're ready to slip into day dresses that are boho and unpretentious. Check out this blush pink dress with button detailing or the simplest white dress that's comfy and so easy to style with gold jewellery and tan boots

Pattern Play

Women Plunge Neck Floral Printed Navy Collared Wrap Dress


Designers in New York and even in India have been appreciating bold prints and patterns more than usual. While florals seem to be the go-to for spring (groundbreaking), they're opting for brighter prints rather than the simplistic florals we're used to. If you're brave enough, try mixing patterns like this zebra print skirt with a simpler patterned top tucked in. 

Easy-Breezy Pants

Women Pleats Detail Solid Formal Palazzo Pants


Bye-bye skinny jeans and leggings, we're easing into flow-y pants, going back to the 80s after the last 2 years that've been dominated by 90s style mom jeans. Now, simpler tops paired with ultra cool pants is the move and we're here for it. These leaf-printed culottes are casual and cool and these button-striped wide leg trousers are just the right amount of structured. But really, you can't go wrong with a neutral-coloured pair that'll go with literally everything.


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