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Feast Hazari: Eating Our Way Through Delhi's Oldest Court


    Ab toh jail ka khana, khaana padega: How about no?

    Have a court date? Your BFF is a lawyer? Just pretty broke and looking to eat like a pig on a budget? We’ve got you covered; the next time bae asks what’s for lunch, take her to court. {We know that was bad…sue us}.

    Dahi Bhalle Papdi

    It Was: Everything we could ask for. There are so many textures and flavours – crunchy, chewy, sweet, and tart – all at the same time. Plus, Tika Ram bhaiya’s kind of a legend around here.

    Damage Done: INR 35

    Bread Pakora

    It Was: Amazing! Hands down the best bread pakora we’ve ever eaten; we ate three, really really fast. The samosa here {with tamarind chutney and green mint chutney} is also worth a try.

    Damage Done: INR 10 per bread pakora

    Lemon Soda

    It Was: At the entrance to the very old, iconic {lawyers-only} Gole Canteen, a stall called Jamuna Soda Water Centre serves up a glass of exactly what hits the spot on a pleasant afternoon.

    Damage Done: INR 20

    Chole Kulche

    It Was: Not as good as the bhalle papdi chaat, but pretty great nonetheless. There are two chole kulche guys, one just outside the court, and one inside. Opinions are divided on which one is better, but we say try them both out for yourself.

    Damage Done: INR 20 {inside, ask for Manoj}, and INR 20 {outside}

    Masala Dosa

    It Was: Super light and not overloaded with aloo. We won’t lie, we’ve eaten better dosas, but for the price, this is absolute value for money.

    You’ll find this at Gupta Eating Corner, along with a full thali, vada-sambhar and idli-sambhar.

    Damage Done: INR 35

    Butterscotch Milk

    It Was: As good as Keventer’s, for all practical purposes. Worth trying, we hear from the owner Giridhari Lal, are the strawberry, chocolate and kesar.

    Damage Done: Between INR 25 – 45, depending on what you choose

    Fruit Chaat

    It Was: As good as fruit chaat can be. He’s more than happy to customise chaat masala levels, and the kind of fruit you want. We saw a lot of lawyers stop by for a bite of this.

    Damage Done: INR 30


    It Was: Nostalgic. You’ll see a lot of people stop by here for their cigarette and a cup of chai, which is served in small tea glasses.

    Damage Done: INR 7 per glass of chai

    Giani Restaurant

    It Was: A heavy lunch indeed. This is just outside the court, and if you’re looking for vegetarian food, head straight for the rajma chawal. Carnivores, we hear good things about the Chilli Chicken and Tawa Chicken.

    Damage Done: INR 60 for a plate of rajma-chawal

    With inputs from Chirag Khurana.